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A Sensible Approach to your Post-Vacation Guilt

Planning or returning from a vacation? The diet industry will make you believe that you need to detox, drastically diet, or excessively exercise to repent from the sins of enjoying your well-deserved vacation. As a coach who once fell victim to this mentality (and now pushes hard against it), let’s work together to change that mindset! Exercise isn’t punishment. You don’t need to guilt yourself in the kitchen.

I recently came back from a week in Jamaica with my family. “Diet” definitely wasn’t a word I used on our 6-days at a beautiful all-inclusive resort! Instead, I used words like, “yes, I’d like dessert” and “sure, I’ll do that water slide AGAIN”. We had a great time making memories as a family, and I came back with zero regrets from trying new foods or skipping some workouts. I know I wasn’t on point with my training and nutrition, though, so I DID come back with some intentional steps to get right back on track towards my goals! Hopefully this helps you remove any guilt AND get back on track too!

What I did:

I got right back to drinking lots of water. I start each day with 16 ounces immediately when I wake up. Then, I aim for at least half my body weight in water throughout the day.

I went for a run. Yep, first day back I jumped right back into my exercise routine. No waiting until Monday. No lounging around for a few days. My body actually did really well with the rest and was ready to go!

I made a grocery order. Don’t judge, but I rarely actually go into the grocery store anymore (life with kids!). First day back I filled my fridge with all the fruits, veggies and proteins. Just simply eating at home makes a huge difference.

I slept in. Vacation can be exhausting, and I let my body sleep a little more the whole week we came back. I like to get up early and get a jump on the day, but not at the expense of my health. I knew I needed some extra rest and to ease out of the jetlag.


I didn’t step on the scale. Why bother? I know there are extra pounds there. Between the delicious foods and unlimited drinks, I didn’t need a scale to tell me I gained a few pounds. I also know they will come off quickly, so there’s really no point!

I didn’t go on an extreme diet. I just got back to my regular healthy lifestyle. No need for punishment.

Most importantly, I didn’t feel any regret! All year we’ve planned this trip to a new country with our boys. Why would I regret that? I can’t even tell you all the memories we made–there are too many to count! Life is meant to be enjoyed. I work hard to stay healthy and active so I can enjoy everything life has to offer, and I will continue to do that guilt-free!

I hope you have a wonderful summer. If you have plans for travel, I wish you safe travels and lots of great memories with those you love. We’ll be here when you get back to get you on track and back to living that active life!

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