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Common Exercises I Hate (& what to do instead)

A while back, one of our trainers told me, “I’ve never met anyone who hates crunches as much as you!” It made me actually laugh out loud, but then thinking, she was right! I DO hate crunches! Why? Well, there are so many more effective exercises for training your core. It got me thinking of more exercises I hate. Okay, hate is a strong word, but I definitely have strong preferences! With the new floor layout and equipment, I thought this would be a great time to help you spice up your routine and swap out some dated moves!


This classic exercise targets one teeny-tiny part of your abdomen. Your core works in so many more ways! Not to mention, so many people end up pulling on their head and neck much more than actually working their abs.


Planks are my favorite core move! You’re getting maximum bang for your buck! You have to work all parts of your abs, in addition to shoulders, arms, glutes and legs. Don’t want to get on the floor? You can do these on the wall, with your hands on a bench, or even with your arms in the TRX.


Someone, somewhere thought this would be a good position and people have followed. This position puts a lot of strain on your shoulders and neck, and very few can execute this properly (due to shoulder mobility).

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Lat Pulldown (To the Front)

Really, the cable lat pulldown is a great exercise. Perform it with control and pull the bar down to the top of the chest. Be mindful of ‘rocking’ your body to pull extra weight and focus on your back moving the load.


Hyperextending the back, especially when loaded, can be problematic. Forcing your spine into hyperextension is unnecessary for most people.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Stop at neutral!

There is no need to throw yourself into hyperextension. Stop right at neutral and you’re doing more good than harm!


This one is pretty specific, and I know some of you are missing those machines that we pulled from the floor. Truth be told, they weren’t the most effective ways to work those muscles.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Dumbbell Bicep Curls and Cable Tricep Pushdown

Be sure to brace your core, then go for it! I promise these will be more effective than the machines! You can also do them sitting. Be mindful not to swing and use a weight you can manage, then progressively overload the weight to challenge yourself!

At the end of the day, almost any movement is good movement! Most importantly, you want to be safe at the gym, so if anything does hurt, don’t do it! You can always ask for an alternative! We’re here to help!

See you in the club!


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