Thank You For Your Interest

   Hi. We are Jason Stokes and Mark Savage, Managing Partners of Sportsplex. We bet you’re reading this page for a good reason.

You’re interested in how Sportsplex can help you and perhaps your family enjoy better health and fitness. It shows you’re ready to take action and that’s always the starting point for great things.

We applaud your intention. And it’s in that spirit I’d like to tell you more about Sportsplex.

We’re Focused On Helping You Live Better
Sportsplex is family owned and operated. It’s staffed & managed by those who care.  Our entire employee family takes great pride in providing you with the attention and outstanding service you deserve. We know an active lifestyle is the key to living better. And it’s from that point of view the Sportsplex family works for you every day.

We Continuously Improve To Provide A Better Experience For You
Being in the health club industry for over 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of change. Health Club equipment, amenities, design & science are evolving for the better everyday.

Sportsplex reflects these shifts by always keeping things fresh for our members.  Over the next year and subsequent years, we will make quarterly upgrades some big, some small but always improving.

Strengthening Your Body, Your Family & Your Community
I believe health & fitness is about more than proper exercise & nutrition. It’s a way to connect with others in a healthy and positive way. As Professional Tennis Teachers, we appreciate the time we spend being active, playing sports and getting fit. Sportsplex provides numerous activities, events and opportunities for you to share with your family and friends. And of course these are also great opportunities to make entirely new friends who are leading healthy lifestyles.

We invite you to come visit us today. Tour the club, grab a workout, check us out. You can do it all free with our complimentary mini-membership.

Just click here to get your FREE mini-membership now.

Thanks again for your interest in Sportsplex. From our family to yours we wish you the best of health and fitness! We look forward to seeing you in the club soon.