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Junior Tennis Classes & Teams

AGES 3 to 18

Know The Difference…


We pride ourselves in being the absolute best tennis facility in Orange County when it comes to teaching tennis to kids 3-18 years old. Sportsplex is the only tennis facility that demands USPTA Certified Teaching Professionals. Our Tennis Director, Mark Savage is the one USPTA Master Professional in the Hudson Valley, followed by three USPTA Elite Professionals on staff and our 10 and under experts!



Here is the difference…

Our sessions are geared toward developing the person first, athlete second, tennis player third.  By doing this, we develop a long-term commitment to the child's overall development.  

Results matter to us.  How do we define results?  Does the child improve?  Does the child continue to come?  Does the child develop a higher standard within themselves?  Does the child learn to become a better competitor?  Does the child see the sport as engaging?  When we start to get lots of yeses, then you know that your child is in the right environment.  Lastly, no other facility has produced more Section IX champions then us over the last 24 years.  Our reputation is decided by the player and the parents not by us.  Come check us out. 

SPX April 2
Vanessa Romeo

Current Programming & Schedules

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