Sportsplex Introduces SPX 101 Series


We’re going to remove the intimidation factor
so you can comfortably participate in group exercise class.  

It’s a three step process:

Learn the lingo.  
Each format has its own nuances, terminology and even pop language.  So let’s break this down, put you in the know and you’ll be ready to talk the talk.

Learn the moves.
Go right, go left, lift this, turn that…say what?  That’s right, by the end of class you’ll know which way is the right way.  Follow us and we promise to get you moving in the same direction as the rest of the group.

Learn how to use the equipment.
Is a barre the same as a bar & where do I get one of those?  Which size weights should I use, I’m pretty strong, maybe a big one?  Bigger is better after all, right?  Nope, that’s a sure way to hurt yourself, so let’s us be your guide.

Get started on the right foot.  

Enhance your workout routine and Experience something new!

The results may surprise you.


Contact Fitness Director Kristin Meddaugh for more info:

Phone: (845) 565-7600