At Sportsplex New Windsor

Sportsplex has recently added to their ever expanding and innovative repertoire of group fitness classes by welcoming Les Mills Programming.  These programs include Body Pump (the original barbell workout) and Body Combat (an empowering cardio workout inspired by the Martial Arts).

Originating in New Zealand over 25 years ago, this particular type of programming has been passionately devoted to creating a fitness revolution throughout the world.  This passion for leading health club goers out of  a sedentary lifestyle has been at the forefront of their motivation.  The Group Fitness Instructors associated with Les Mills Programming here at Sportsplex are dedicated in bringing health, community, and magic to your life.  So, what are you waiting for?  Together we can make great things happen in your quest for a more fit and healthy you!

What Is Body Pump?
Body Pump is the original barbell workout strengthens your entire body in 60 minutes.  This class incorporates the best weight-room exercises, including squats, presses, lifts and curls to challenge all your major muscle groups.  The great music and motivating Sportsplex Group Fitness Instructors will get you the results you came for… and fast!

Who Can Participate In Body Pump?
Anyone!  This class is for people ranging from weight-room junkies who need to break out of their rut, to complete beginners who have never lifted a weight.  You can choose your own weight selection, so you can work to your own ability.  Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle toning, rehabilitation, or sports conditioning, this class provides a weight-training solution.

Why Should I Take A Body Pump Class?
There are so many reasons to take a Body Pump class.  Improved muscular definition is the most noticeable result.  Research has shown that it also burns an average of 475 per class, increases bone density, improves poor posture, improves core strength, and core stability.

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