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Spinning at Sportsplex

Spinning classes in Mt Kisco NY

Where RPM’s (revolutions per minute) give you the ultimate fat burning, energy boosting, endorphin rush.

Get Ready To Ride
You’re cruising. Feeling good. Suddenly, your instructor calls for a sprint up the next hill. You turn the RPM knob on your bike 3 times. You come off the saddle and spin the pedals faster. The beat of the music swirling around you speeds up to match your effort…

Why is Sportsplex Spinning So Popular?
Is it because of the energizing inspiration and dedication of our instructors? Is it the “we’re all in this together”, let’s do it, party attitude among participants? Or is it the fat torching, body slimming, endurance building results Spinning delivers?

We’ll leave it to you to decide…


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